Popular Irish Toasts and Irish Drinking Toasts

Irish Toasts - Country Irish Scenery

Why We Love Irish Toasts Irish camaraderie and the lyrical magic of our Gaelic language, is what makes Irish toasts and Irish drinking toasts so great. They are a union of warmth, humor, and often have a touch of wisdom. These toasts, along with Irish people’s many blessings and prayers, are known and loved worldwide. … Read more

Fir Bolg Mythology & Folklore

Fir Bolg

You may or may not have heard of the Fir Bolg. I know I had not until recent years which is a shame. The story of these mysterious people and the other “tribes of Ireland” is a story that could rival that of the Greek Heroes. Let’s find out more about the Fir Bolg and … Read more

Celtic Girl Names & Irish Girl Names

Irish Girl Names - Irish Girls

In the rich landscape of Celtic and Irish culture, names, both first and last names, hold a significant place, carrying history, mythology, and deep meanings within them. This article provides a comprehensive list of Celtic girl names and Irish girl names, old irish girl names, Irish girl names from ancient Celtic times, right up to … Read more

Irish Blessings & Irish Prayers

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ORIGINS AND USE OF BLESSINGS AND PRAYERS IN IRELAND Irish blessings and sayings, as well as Irish prayers, are all derived from the rich cultural tapestry of Ireland’s storied history, and are more than just traditional sayings. They are the collective wisdom and folklore of a people shaped by ancient Druidic traditions, Christian spirituality, and … Read more