About Us

Dia Dhuit and welcome to our website.

Thank you for visiting us here. Richard is my name and I set up this website as a place to allow Irish people to learn and connect over their shared heritage, whether they are born in Ireland or they are from our large international diaspora.

We are a group of Irish enthusiasts, historians, writers, and researchers, who really love Ireland and want to share all of the random tid-bits that we have rattling around our heads. Hopefully, our love for everything Irish and Celtic, combined with our backgrounds in history and Irish studies, will allow us to walk with you on this journey through the Emerald Isle.

We take pride in offering content that explores all aspects of Ireland. Whether you’re a born and bred Irish person, a member of our huge diaspora in America, Canada or elsewhere, a visitor to this wonderful land, or simply a lover of all things Irish (I know we are), we would love you to join us and learn with us.

Drop us a message at info@irishwishes.com or contact us on via phone or post at the below address for any requests/questions or comments. We love to hear back from our readers so don’t be shy.


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