Badass Irish Boy Names

All Irish boy names are badass, but some Irish boy names are more badass than others. Whether it is because of the origin of the name, or the way it rolls off the tongue, some buachaill (boy in Irish) names are just totally badass!

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Below are some of our favourite badass names. If you want to see our full list of Irish boy names, click here:

Badass Irish Boy Names

Ailill: Means “Elf, sprite”

Art: Means “Bear”

Bran: Means “Raven”

Brian: Means “Noble” Ireland’s most famous High King was named Brian Boru (source).

Badass Irish Boy Names - Brian Boru
Brian Boru – High King of Ireland

Caelin: Means “Pure” or “Powerful warrior”. Gender neutral and has Greek and Irish origins.

Clancy: Means “Son of the red/ruddy warrior”. From the Gaelic Mac Fhlannchaidh/Mac Fhlannchadha clan.

Cian: Means “Ancient, enduring”

Conall: Means “Strong as a wolf”

Conan: Means “Wolf” or “Hound”. Conan O’Brien is a famous son of Ireland with this name.

Cormac: Means “Charioteer”

Cuán: Means “Little wolf”

Gold Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross –

Cuchulainn: Means “Hound of Culainn”. Famous figure from Irish mythology (source).

Badass Irish Boy Names - Cu Chulainn slays the hound of Culain
Cu Chulainn slays the hound of Culain

Dáire: Means “Fertile, fruitful”

Diarmuid: Means “Without enemy”

Donnacha: Means “Brown” or “Chief” or “Brown warrior”.

Doran: Means “Warrior” or “Exile”.

Dubh: Means “Black”

Duncan: Means “Dark-skinned warrior”.

Eoghan: Means “Born of the yew tree”

Ferdia: Means “Man of strength”

Fergus: Means “Man of vigor”

Finn: Means “Fair, white”

Flannery: Means “Descendant of Flannghal”.

Goll: Means “Fierce, brave”

Celtic Knot
Celtic Knot –

Laoghaire: Means “Calf-herder”

Liam: Means “Strong-willed warrior”.

Lir: Means “Sea”

Lorcan: Means “Fierce”

Martin: Means “Warrior”.

Muiredach: Means “Mariner”

Murphy: Means “Noble”.

Naoise: Means “Warrior”.

Oengus: Means “Strength, vigor”

Oisín: Means “Little deer”

Osian: Means “Little deer”

Pádraig: Means “Noble”

Ronan: Means “Little seal”

Sloan: Means “Warrior”

Tadhg: Means “Poet”

Ultán: Means “Ulsterman”

Gold Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross –

Uilliam: Means “Determined protector”

We hope you enjoyed our list of badass irish boy names. To view more Celtic boy names and Irish boy names, please do check out our full list here.

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