Funny Irish Songs

Funny Irish songs have long been a staple of the Emerald Isle’s rich cultural heritage, capturing the unique wit, charm, and storytelling prowess of the Irish people. With their lively melodies, clever wordplay, and often outlandish subject matter, these tunes have a way of bringing a smile to your face and a tap to your toes.

Often, the tales told through these ballads are wildly exaggerated, featuring colorful characters and improbable situations that can’t help but make you chuckle. Yet, beneath the laughter, these songs also offer a window into the lives of the everyday people who have long called Ireland home, revealing the trials, tribulations, and joys they’ve experienced over the centuries.

Many of these funny Irish songs have their roots in the country’s rich oral tradition, passed down from generation to generation through informal gatherings in pubs, homes, and on street corners. As such, they are often deeply ingrained in the fabric of Irish communities, where a shared love of music, storytelling, and the craic (fun, enjoyable conversation) serve as a unifying force. From lively drinking songs that celebrate the camaraderie of friends and family to satirical ballads that poke fun at Irish life and history, these tunes embody the resilient spirit and good humor that have long defined the Irish people. Irish people also have tons of great drinking toasts, funny sayings, and hilarious pick-up lines that add to their reputation of a nation of people with a good sense of humor.

We have three lists of funny Irish songs below, to remind us to take a step back and enjoy the moment. Whether you’re of Irish descent, a lover of folk music, or simply someone who appreciates a good laugh, we are sure you will love these funny Irish songs, funny Irish drinking songs, funny Irish Christmas songs, and funny dirty Irish songs. Enjoy!

Funny Irish Songs

“The Unicorn” – The Irish Rovers: This song tells the story of why unicorns are no longer around, blaming their demise on their inability to board Noah’s Ark. The playful lyrics and whimsical melody make it a humorous and enjoyable song.

“Seven Drunken Nights” – The Dubliners: This song tells the story of a man who comes home intoxicated each night, only to find various objects and evidence of his wife’s infidelity. The humorous twist comes from the husband’s obliviousness and his wife’s creative explanations for the items he finds. One of our favorite funny Irish songs due to the female character obviously cheating on her husband, but he is easily convinced otherwise due to his inebriation.

“Finnegan’s Wake” – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem: A comical song about an Irishman named Tim Finnegan who is presumed dead after falling from a ladder. At his wake, a fight breaks out, and whiskey spills on Finnegan, miraculously bringing him back to life. Another one of our favorite funny Irish songs.

“The Irish Rover” – The Pogues & The Dubliners: This song recounts the tale of a fictional ship named The Irish Rover, its crew, and its absurd cargo. The exaggerated nature of the story and the improbable series of events make it a humorous song.

“A Pub with No Beer” – The Dublin City Ramblers: This song describes the misery of a pub that has run out of beer. The humorous aspect lies in the exaggerated reactions of the patrons and the pub owner, who all lament the situation as if it were a true catastrophe.

“Isn’t it Grand, Boys?” – The Clancy Brothers: This humorous song takes a light-hearted look at the inevitability of death, with the singer suggesting that everyone should have a good time at his funeral. The lyrics are witty, and the upbeat melody contrasts with the morbid subject matter, making it a funny song.

“The Liar” – Tommy Mackem and Liam Clancy: This song tells the story of a man who brags about his wildly exaggerated adventures and accomplishments. The humor lies in the outlandish claims and the catchy, upbeat tune.


“The Wild Rover” – Luke Kelly and The Dubliners: This is a lively drinking song that tells the story of a man who decides to give up his wild ways and return home. The humor comes from the catchy chorus and the exaggerated descriptions of the protagonist’s adventures. The Wild Rover is probably the most famous funny Irish song on the list.

“The Sick Note” (also known as “Paddy and the Barrel” or “Why Paddy’s Not at Work Today”) – The Dubliners: This humorous song tells the story of a construction worker named Paddy who has an unfortunate series of accidents at work. The song’s humor comes from the increasingly disastrous events and the tongue-in-cheek tone of the lyrics.

Funny Irish Christmas Songs

Here is a list of funny Irish Christmas songs that are sure to bring some holiday cheer with their humor and Irish charm:

Fairytale of New York” – The Pogues ft. Kirsty MacColl: While not strictly a funny Irish christmas song as the singer is not born in Ireland, this modern classic features witty banter between the two singers and has become a beloved holiday staple with its mix of humor, nostalgia, and sentimentality, and the Pogues are commonly associated with Ireland.


“Christmas in Killarney” – The Irish Rovers: This lively Christmas tune celebrates the holiday season in the small Irish town of Killarney, featuring humorous lyrics about local traditions and festivities.


“Miss Fogarty’s Christmas Cake” – The Irish Rovers: A humorous song about a disastrous Christmas cake that is so inedible it causes chaos at a holiday party.



Keep in mind that some of these funny Irish christmas songs might not be considered strictly comedic, but they contain elements of humor and lightheartedness that can bring a smile to your face during the holiday season.

Funny Irish Drinking Songs

Below is our favorite list of funny Irish drinking songs.

“Seven Drunken Nights” – The Dubliners: A humorous song about a man who comes home intoxicated each night and finds various objects that hint at his wife’s infidelity, only for her to come up with creative explanations for each item. Also features in our funny Irish songs list above.


“The Wild Rover” – Luke Kelly and The Dubliners: A lively drinking song about a man who decides to give up his wild ways and return home. The humor comes from the catchy chorus and the exaggerated descriptions of the protagonist’s adventures.

“The Juice of the Barley” – The Clancy Brothers: This humorous song celebrates the joys of drinking and the camaraderie it brings, featuring amusing lyrics and a cheerful melody.

“Beer, Beer, Beer” – The Clancy Brothers: This catchy tune sings the praises of beer and its history, with humorous lyrics about the invention of the beverage and its impact on society. A great funny Irish drinking song.

“All for Me Grog” – The Dubliners: A light-hearted song about a sailor who spends all his earnings on drinking and partying, ultimately leaving him with nothing but his love for grog.

“The Irish Pub Song” – The High Kings: A modern, humorous tribute to the Irish pub and the unique characters you might encounter there, featuring witty lyrics and a lively melody. What better a name for a funny Irish drinking song than the Irish Pub Song!

Funny Irish Dirty Songs

“Seven Drunken Nights” – The Dubliners: This humorous song details a man’s discoveries of his wife’s infidelity over a week, with each night revealing new, explicit evidence. Our favorite funny Irish dirty songs.



“The Jolly Tinker” – The Clancy Brothers: A bawdy song about a tinker who engages in a series of explicit encounters.

“Maids When You’re Young Never Wed an Old Man” – The Dubliners: A humorous song that advises young women against marrying an older man due to his inability to perform certain activities. A great funny and dirty Irish song.

“The Reel of the Flickering Light” – Christy Moore: A tongue-in-cheek song with double entendres and suggestive lyrics.


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