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Celtic Cross Monuments are based on the Celtic Cross design, one of the most recognisable symbols of Christian Ireland. While they are known as Celtic Crosses, and the Celts were pagans rather than Christians, they take their name from the Celtic Knotwork that is typically contained within the shaft of the Celtic Cross itself.

Celtic Cross Monuments

Celtic cross monuments are a common sight in Ireland, Scotland, and other Celtic regions.

Some monuments are also dedicated to important events or people in Celtic and Irish history, and may be found in public places such as town squares or parks.

In addition to their cultural significance, Celtic cross monuments are also renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship. Many of these monuments are carved from local stone, and feature intricate details and designs that are truly breathtaking.

Celtic Cross Monument -Raheny Dublin
Celtic Cross Memorial – Raheny Dublin

Celtic Crosses are also found further afield than Ireland. Savannah in the US state of Georgia is famous for hosting the first St. Patrick’s Day parade outside of the US. It is also home to this beautiful example of a Celtic Cross statue.

Celtic Cross Statue - Savannah Georgia USA
Celtic Cross Statue – Savannah Georgia USA

Headstones | Tombstone | Gravestone | Gravemarkers

Celtic Crosses are often seen in cemeteries, churches, and other places of religious significance and are used as headstones or tombstones. These monuments are typically made of stone.

They are used as memorials to honor the dead. Some of Ireland’s most famous revolutionary patriots are buried under looming Celtic Cross Gravestones.

They may also be erected as part of a larger cemetery or churchyard monument, rather than just an Gravemarker.

Celtic Cross Gravestone
Example of a gravestone found in a cemetery

The tallest Celtic Cross Gravemarker is found in Monasterboice, Co. Louth. It stands at just over 7 metres or 23 feet high.

Tall Cross
Tall Cross at Monasterboice

It is an unusual Celtic Cross Gravestone as it does not feature Celtic Knotwork, but rather depictions of Christ. However, it is still recognisable as a Celtic Cross due to the ring or circle, where the points meet on the cross.

Stone is not the only type of Celtic Cross used as a monument or memorial. A Wooden Celtic Cross can also be seen as a mark of remembrance.

Wooden Celtic Cross
Wooden Celtic Cross

Visitors to Celtic regions often marvel at the skill and artistry that went into creating these stunning works of art, whether they are made of stone, wood, or even gold.

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