Celtic Full Moon Names

Celtic Full Moon Names

The cycles of the moon and stars have been an essential part of the Celtic people’s lives for centuries.They used the celestial bodies to guide their daily activities, from planting crops to marking religious ceremonies.   Have you wondered what were the Celtic Full Moon Names? Find out below!   Celtic Full Moon Names The … Read more

Celtic Flower

The Celtic people had a deep appreciation for nature and their local environment. Like many ancient societies, they believed that the natural world was surrounded by spiritual energy and that every part of nature had its own significance and meaning. Among the many things they held in high esteem were flowers. Some flowers had important … Read more

The Milesians: Celtic Origin Story


The Book of Invasions, also known as “Lebor Gabála Érenn” (The Book of the Taking of Ireland), is a collection of poems and prose narratives that purports to be a history of Ireland and the Irish. It is part of Irish Mythological tradition and was compiled in the 11th century. Among the many intriguing characters … Read more



The Partholon are a fascinating part of Irish mythology and represent one of the first waves of settlers to inhabit the island according to ancient lore. This subject is particularly interesting to those studying Celtic culture and history, and provides a unique perspective on early Irish civilization. The Arrival of the Partholon According to the … Read more

The Nemed: A Journey Through Irish Mythology


The Nemed hold a unique place in Irish mythology as the third group of inhabitants to arrive in Ireland, following the Partholonians and the Fomorians. These semi-mythological people are said to have held a privileged status within ancient Ireland’s social and religious structure. This is evident in the term “Nemed,” derived from Old Irish, meaning … Read more



Have you ever heard of the Irish Fomorians? No, they are not characters from a new fantasy novel or some JRR Tolkien book, but rather a fascinating part of Irish mythology. These mythological beings were said to be powerful and feared. According to ancient Irish manuscripts, they played a significant role in the folklore of … Read more

Firbolg Names (2023)

There are a lot of Firbolg names mentioned throughout the book of invasions. Below are some of them and their role in the Firbolg mythology. Firbolg Names Eochaid mac Eirc A legendary king of the Fir Bolg who was said to have ruled for ten years before being overthrown by the Tuatha Dé Danann. One … Read more